ADAM Audio at with Matt Parmenter on his S2V Monitors

What got Matt Parmenter’s interest into producing and audio engineering the most was a mic-theory class he took  that he believes was not intended to be a mic-theory and acoustic theory class. But since his teacher was so absorbed in both topics that is what his class ended up talking about most of the time.

After finishing his classes in the early 90’s, Matt moved to chicago, predominantly focusing on industrial music like most people did at the time. He then went on to Cincinnati and built up what the studio is now. Matt began with a lot of drum recording for friends, finding that his warehouse with such large size rooms suited various bands needs when it came to recording drums.

The Ice Cream Factory Studio is based in an old ice cream factory in Austin, Texas. With his oddly shaped recording room, Matt felt that at the time there was an empty niche in the Cincinnati recording scene where bands needed a space to record for cheap. So Matt set up a place where he would work for next to nothing, and found that the scene in Ohio was weird in the best way possible, finding his angle he has been going after all these years.

With a mix of classic and modern technology, the ADAM A5X monitors where what Matt started with in his studio, and found that they were scaled well to the room. Then once he switched to the S2V monitors Matt found them to be a huge upgrade, by having a much tighter midrange, as well as tighter low-mid’s. The biggest note Matt took away from working with the S2V monitors is that the translation to other systems have been exceptionally accurate, that clients find the sound of their tracks to be real in sound and trustworthy.