Composer Shawn Campbell Talks ADAM Audio T5V


With a rich multi-instrumentalist approach, composer and voice actor, Shawn Campbell, views each new instrument he learns as a stepping stone in rounding him out as a musician. After graduating from Blackbird Academy in Nashville, Campbell landed his dream internship working for Hans Zimmer and began to understand the intricacies of what goes into making big-budget film scores. Now based out of Nashville, TN, Campbell uses his background of scoring films to focus on the importance of having a good stereo field and panning instruments to truly paint a picture on screen. Spending most of his time freelance composing and creating voice libraries for video games, Campbell needed a pair of monitors that were transparent enough to differentiate all of his instruments and help him ensure that everything sits right in his mix. After testing out a few reference scores on a pair of ADAM T5V monitors, Campbell began picking up parts of scores he’d never before been able to hear. Sitting down with ADAM Audio, Campbell raves about the T5V incredible stereo field at an unparalleled price point.


I don’t know what kind of black sorcery ADAM did to make a speaker that good at that price point, but whatever they did it’s working great for them and I’m impressed.

Shawn Campbell