David Taylor Sits Down With ADAM About His A77X Monitors

Growing up in Scotland, David Taylor has always been interested in the recording side of music, even when he was sixteen playing keyboard in a band. Up till David was around 24-25, David spent a majority in and out of studios recording and learning the ropes of audio engineering to make a career out of his passion of music. While in pursuit, David relocated from Scotland to California as a software engineer. He then quit his job and moved to Nashville with songwriting aspirations, and noticed the standard of quality of the sound expected by publishers and managers were very high. David went down his own road and designed his studio that he primarily expected it to be used for demoing and tracking. David was drawn immediately to the A77X monitors because of the ribbon tweeter technology. He finds that they really help with prolonged listening, making it really easy on the ears. David has his monitors positioned in a particular way that is perfect for mixing and monitoring, and found he does not need new nearfields due to the quality of the A77X covering his need  of a nearfield and a midfield and fits in the amount of space he is limited to. Even when he cranks the sound up there is no distortion and the A77X maintains it’s clarity of sound which is great for David when he is tracking and presenting tracks to a clients in his studio. So impressed with these speakers, David has compared previous monitors to his A77X monitors and believes that they are at the perfect price point and give back more in quality.