Sit Down With Sean Giovanni on His ADAM S2V Monitors

Located in Nashville, Sean Giovanni opened his studio The Record Shop about a year ago after finding the perfect space with a large for him to track full bands in one room. Sean found a fully working studio that since everything was wired already, all he had to do was set up his gear and started tracking the next day. Sean works with a broad variety of genres at The Record Shop, working with artists like Big & Rich, Zakk Wylde, John Legend, Brett Michaels, Lil Jon, and more. But when tracking, specifically with pop that has a lot of programming in it, Sean still loves to bring in the musicians to work together on the rymthm tracks. He likes to incorporate live elements in his tracking process, loving the energy that sparks with creative minds in the room, where “happy accidents” can happen when people begin to collaborate.  Sean was introduced to ADAM monitors about two years ago, happy that the USA headquarters has since moved to Nashville for the convienence of customer service purposes. He was sold once he heard the ADAM monitors and it was all history from there. With great sound and access to help if he had issues, Sean started with the S3XH monitors, refining the top end control of the mixes he was working on. Once he installed his ADAM monitors, Sean no longer had to reference mix like he was previously doing Sean noticed the definition and had the ability to recognize, tweak, and refine his mixes more specifically. When recently introduced to the ADAM S2V monitors Sean just listened to music for an hour, blowing the previous monitors out of the water as if the audio was coming towards Sean in 3D. The sound of the S2V was full, complete, the transparent response, and another level of depth.